May all sentient beings

be happy and

the causes of happiness.


President's Message

Dear CBS Alumni,

Another year has passed by and what a year it has been! We are still fighting the deleterious effects of Covid-19 at an individual, community, and world level but we have not given up! Although many of our planned activities for 2019-2020 were seriously impacted, we have struggled on to survive and provide as many activities as we could. 


In the coming year we will have a new series of talks broadcast live. Also, we are proud to announce the rebirth of our newly revamped website thanks to the well-deserved efforts of Jane Wong and her team. 


We continue to thrive and prosper due to your ongoing engagement with all of the CBSAA activities. Long may this shared experience continue! 


I would like to extend thanks and gratitude to our Honorary Adviser and past President, Dr. Ernest Ng, and each member on the Executive Committee for their undying support and invaluable contribution. This devoted stewardship allows CBSAA to be what it is today. 


Guard your thoughts, words, and deeds. These three thoughts will speed you along the path to pure wisdom.

Dhammapada 20:281



John Cannon 

President, CBSAA

John Cannon


In Search of Sustainable Happiness